Monument in Acquafondata

This monument was erected to a design by the architect Pietro Rogacien, son of a soldier of the 2nd Corps, and its ceremonious unveiling took place on 18 May 1996. The monument celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the transfer of the bodies of the first Polish casualties of the nearby front from their temporary resting place in Acquafondata to the newly built cemetery in Monte Cassino.

A cross made from the caterpillar tracks of a wrecked tank stood at the entrance to the cemetery in Acquafondata, with a bronze figure of Christ on the cross. Thanks to the initiative of Romano Neri, a native of the town, and the cooperation of the Polish Hearth Club in Turin, the cross was moved and placed on a pediment of white marble in a suitable place in the town. The dual-language memorial plaque commemorates the dead and their place of rest.

18 may 1996
unveiling of monument
"To the memory of the Polish soldiers who fell in 1944 fighting for the freedom of their country and of ours"