Polish War Cemetery in Bologna – San Lazzaro di Savena


his is the largest of the four Polish war cemeteries in Italy. Buried here are 1,432 soldiers of the 2nd Corps who fell in battle on the Gothic Line, in the Apennines, on the River Senio and during the liberation of Bologna.
The cemetery was ready and consecrated on 12 October 1946, in the presence of the Commander of the 2nd Corps, Gen. Władysław Anders, and Holy Mass was celebrated by Chaplain General Józef Gawlina.

The construction of the cemetery was the idea of Gen. Władysław Anders and it was built by soldiers of the 10th Sapper Battalion of the 2nd Corps with the help of Italian monumental masons. 2Lt. Zygmunt Majerski, architect, was responsible for the architectural design of the cemetery, while architect and sculptor, Michał Paszyn, contributed the decorative elements; as in the case of the Loreto cemetery, building works were supervised by Roman Wajda.

12 october 1946
Consecration of cemetery
"In memory of the soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps who fell on Italian soil fighting for the freedom of Poland"